Brands we Trust

How do we ensure that the brands we are using are not only safe and sustainable for consumption, but also ethical and from a loving organization?

We have taken on the mission to certify brands that can be trusted!

According to our 11 New Earth Goals, we certify brands that thoroughly think about every step of their creation process.

Where are they sourcing their materials?

Which materials are they using and what kind of impact are they having on our environment?

Did you know that it takes 2,700 liters (713 gallons) of water to make one cotton t-shirt? That is enough for one person to drink for two and a half years.

On the other hand, bamboo requires very little water and can survive drought conditions, which means it can survive on zero water.

Why is it legal in the current water situation our planet is facing to sell cotton t-shirts?

When we found out we were massively shocked. We thought we were doing the right thing by using “organic cotton.” But that is the least of our planets worries. So we immediately put everything place to start the switch from cotton to bamboo shirts for our own collection.

As you see, there is so much to learn, even for us! So we dove in to help and support as many brands as we could and shine a light on all the amazing organizations out there who truly care and who are doing their utmost to regenerate our planet.

Then we take it to the next steps.

Okay, all the materials are being selected with as little negative impact on our earth as possible.

What about the people involved? Are they being paid fairly for their time?

Are they being loved and appreciated at their workplace?

We believe a lot in energy and whatever energy is put into an item will transfer to the next person using it. This is why when cooking food, we always say the most important ingredient is: love. ♥️

Do you want to be eating food or wearing clothes that carries bad energy? That is made in factories where workers have to make 2,000 items a day and are getting paid so little they cannot even support their families?

We do not support this and want to certified companies and charities that what to create this New Earth together with us.

Do you want to get I Trust You certified?


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Meet Aeromatico, our first I Trust You certified brand!

Watch this beautiful video and hear from the Aeromatico founders themselves about how important composting is for our planet.

Meet Dr. Jacksons. We are currently in conversation with them to become an I Trust You certified brand.

Have a look at this unboxing video by our founder Virginia and how aligned all of their values are with I Trust You.