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The UN announced in 2018, that we only have 12 years left until the environment and life as we know it drastically changes. Our experts estimate that we currently only have a three year window to completely change our use and consumption. We are running out of time. 

We plan on doing everything in our power to change those metrics and give us more time on this Earth. Because the Earth will recover just fine, but we might not. Together let us build Trust and Harmony for a better future. Join us.

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"My I Trust You shirt is my favourite shirt I own! When I wear it, I just feel so much happier and I've already gotten dozen of hugs from strangers. Thank you I Trust You." 

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"This movement is going to change the world. With all of us spending most of our time on the phones, it's nice to have a reason to hug strangers and get into amazing conversations. I trust you all the way!

Sarah Lewis

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This isn't a race of "who can save the world first". If we all run alone, we can't do it. This is a team effort. We need to join together with allies who hold our same values and share the same vision. Meet some of our partners who are helping us save the Earth!